Triploid Grass Carp

For submersed plants on the bottom of the pond instead of using harsh chemicals to control them, as an option we sell grass carp. These grass carp are sterile (they will not reproduce), which is the law in Pennsylvania and New York. However to purchase these from us you must first get a permit from the Fish Commission. It is not difficult to get this permit, you need to fill out a short application, and send it to the Fish Commission. See Link page for links to PDF files of PA and NY applications.

The maximum number of grass carp you are allowed to stock is 15 per acre under normal conditions.

Under state law, containment devices must be installed so that the fish cannot escape from the pond – please call us to discuss simple methods to accomplish this.

Care must be taken with these fish because they are eating machines. Overstocking a pond with them could mean that they may strip the pond completely of all plant life. It is possible for a 6 inch grass carp to grow to

15 inches and 3 pounds in just one summer. They can grow to more than 25 pounds. However, the larger they get the less they eat. They are effective for removing soft succulent plant life for up to 7 years. They are not cheap, but compared to chemical control, you get much more bang for your buck and without harsh effects of chemicals. They can be fished out of a pond if need be.