About us

Our Mission as a Fish Hatchery

Schultz’s Fish Hatchery is a well-established business that has been operating for over 20 years, catering to the fish stocking needs of customers in Pennsylvania and New York. Situated in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, the hatchery offers a diverse selection of fish species suitable for stocking new ponds or replenishing existing ponds and lakes.

The hatchery takes pride in its fish inventory, which includes a variety of species to meet different preferences and ecological requirements.

To explore the fish stocking options or inquire about specific requirements, interested customers can get in touch with Schultz’s Fish Hatchery. Whether it’s for recreational fishing, pond management, or commercial purposes, the hatchery aims to provide a great selection of quality fish to meet the diverse needs of its customers in Pennsylvania and New York.

With their extensive experience, wide selection of fish species, and commitment to quality, Schultz’s Fish Hatchery has established itself as a reliable source for fish stocking in the Pennsylvania and New York areas.

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